Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a URL rotator?
A URL rotator is an online tool that website owners can use to promote multiple websites with a single URL.

2. What is the advantage of using a URL rotator instead of my website links?
The advantage of a URL rotator is that you can promote multiple sites with one simple url. A rotator is a group of sites that are promoted together. Using a URL rotator can save your advertising budget and time while promoting multiple sites. If you use many different services to advertise your websites, any time you create a new site that you want to add to your promotional services, you would have to update each individual service to add the new site. You're in a similar situation if you want to remove a site from your promotions. Many promotional services only allow you to promote one URL, or are technically limited in that you must create a separate account with their service for each URL you want to promote. When you have multiple sites to promote, and are using multiple promotional services to accomplish your goals, this can become a management nightmare really quick!

3. How's URL rotator works?
Its simple, when you use our rotator system... everytime someone visits your personal and unique Rotator link, they will be directed to one of your submitted websites or affiliate programs. When they come back they will see a different one of your websites or affiliate programs! That means, with browser refresh your personal and unique Rotator link rotates all of your programs one by one.

4. How many website links am I allowed to enter into the rotator?
You are allowed as many links as you want, it is your rotator.

5. What kind of websites are not allowed to be used in the rotator?
You are not allowed to include any adult, porn or illegal content site links.

6. How do I add sites to the rotator?
Log in to the members area. In 'Add New URL' section type the URL and assign a weight for your new website. Click on "Add".

7. what is assigning "weight" to each website link?
You can assign a "weight" to each of the sites in your rotator. This allows you to have some sites displayed more often than others. The higher the weight, the more often that the site is shown (relative to the other sites in your rotator). A weight of 5 will show five times as often as a site with a weight of 1. A site with weight 10 will show twice as much as a site with weight 5 and ten times as much as a site with weight 1. A site with weight zero will not show at all.

8. Why is my rotator displaying your site?
Check your URL box in the members area and see if there are any blank lines. The blank lines will rotate the URL Rotator site.

9. Why shoudn't I use another rotator in this one?
Other rotators are not needed because an unlimited amount of sites is already allowed. They also make your rotator load slower.

10. Can I have additional rotators?
Since all rotators based on usernames, only a single unique rotator is allowed per username.

11. Do I receive any traffic from your services?
No. The only traffic you receive is the traffic you send to your own rotator link with your promotional efforts. This is not a traffic exchange service.

12. Can I remove the top ad frame from my rotator?
Yes you can remove the top ad frame by becoming a Premium Member for a one time small payment. You can find this in your account area.

13. Do you offer any advertising services?
Yes, You can purchase monthly banner ad spots or featured text ad spots on the website. Just click on "Advertising" in the main navigation.

14. What terms and conditions should i agree to use your rotator service?
Please click Here to read our terms and conditions.

15. I have a question not mentioned here?
Please Contact Us to ask any doubts.